Properties of reactive powder concrete produced with unrefined metakaolin and gear inner wire


With the soaring need to use innovative and sustainable materials in the construction industry, a new concrete known as Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) is currently a material of significant interest globally. The concrete constitutes cement, silica fume (SF), fine sand, quart sand and fibre as its ingredients. However, the importation of SF and fibre is making RPC production relatively expensive in Nigeria due to their non-availability. This paper examines the effects of unrefined Metakaolin (MK) as substitute to silica fume and Gear Inner Wire (GIW) as fibre on the properties of RPC. RPC specimens produced with up to 30% MK by weight of cement, and a constant GIW content of 0.25% by weight of concrete were subjected to compressive strength, tensile strength and flexural strength tests. Similarly, RPC produced with 20% silica fume as reference was tested. Unrefined MK and GIW have been found to be suitable in the production of RPC. Unrefined MK performs in similar way or slightly better than SF in terms of compressive, tensile and flexural strengths. The GIW positively affect the tensile and flexural strengths of the RPC but negatively affect the compressive strength. The results show that 20% unrefined MK is the optimum content for producing RPC with the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths values of 64.5N/mm2, 4.7 N/mm2 and 18.7 N/mm2 respectively as confirmed by the XRD and SEM results. The use of the unrefined MK and GIW can lead to production of cheaper and sustainable RPC by cutting down importation cost of SF and fibre materials.

Author(s): Ibrahim, A. G., Garba, M. M., Okoli, O. G., Zubairu, I. K., Dahiru, D. and Usman, J.
Published online:  July, 2020
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