Copyright / Open access policy statement

The copyright for papers published in the African Journal of Built Environment Research (AJOBER) belongs to authors of the papers.

All papers published in the journal are published open access under a Creative Commons license. Articles are universally and freely accessible via the internet in an easily readable format immediately after publication.

We take all reasonable steps to comply with copyright and intellectual property rights. However, we make no warranties or representations that material contained in the papers written by authors does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person anywhere in the world. We do not authorise infringement of copyrights / intellectual property rights by authors. If you believe that any material in a paper we have published has been inappropriately used, please contact us.

Our authors develop their papers in line with the principles of academic freedom. However, they are also responsible for good academic practice when conducting and reporting scientific research. It is the responsibility of authors to abide by the norms of academic ethics and integrity. AJOBER accepts no liability for copyright and intellectual property infringements or inappropriate use of material in any paper published.

Correspondence relating to copyrights / intellectual property rights should be sent to the Editor of African Journal of Built Environment Research via

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