Vol 6 Issue 1 February 2022



Volume 6, Issue 1,  February 2022

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Effect of external curing methods on the compressive and flexural strengths of concrete in the hot-humid climate
Gabriel-Wettey, F. K. N., Danso, H. and Appiah-Kubi, E.
Vol. 6, Iss. 1, pp. 1-12.
Published online:  February 2022
Keywords: compressive strength, concrete, curing methods, flexural strength

Examining the awareness of built environment professionals on green building development
Ade-Ojo, O. C. and Ogunsemi, D. R.
Vol. 6, Iss. 1, pp. 13-26.
Published online: February 2022
Keywords: awareness, built-environment, green building, professionals, requirements

Structural complexity of conceptions of sustainability amongst postgraduate (MSc) construction management students
Doamekpor, N. A. A-M and Duah, D. Y. A.
Vol. 6, Iss. 1, pp. 27-42.
Published online: February 2022
Keywords: structural variation, sustainability education, sustainability knowledge, sustainable development



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